wetlands1SIMD has an agreement with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to preserve through permanent deed restriction approximately 245 acres of wetlands, wetland adjacent areas, and open space. SIMD envisions that this agreement will result in a rare partnership of industrial development coupled with vast ecological benefits to the surrounding communities and the citizens of the State of New York.

Wetlands-5632420-205x139This wetland enhancement will help to protect and preserve large bodies of wetlands from damages caused by any future occurrences of natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, while allowing for future ecological growth of the acreage. This development initiative balances the environmental awareness of the natural resources with the importance of the economic benefits of developing the site.

Wetlands-9298374-205x139SIMD believes that it is vitally important for companies to be good stewards of the environment.  We strive to maintain the balance between the redevelopment of sites and the preservation of natural resources, including wetlands. We recognize how important conserving biological diversity is and intend to perpetuate this ecology on our site for many generations.