Development Plan

SiteDev3-200x140Over the next 3 years, SIMD will be placing approximately 4,300,000 cubic yards of fill material on the 676 acre site to complete remediation by constructing a surface cover system, as required by a consent order agreement with NYSDEC. The surface cover system also serves to raise the site from its current elevation to an elevation that allows for future as-of-right commercial or industrial development.

SiteDev1-200x140Raising the elevation of the site is necessary for the construction of a cap and closure system to complete the environmental restoration of the site. Once the cap and fill operations are completed SIMD will prepare the site for as-of-right vertical development.

SiteDev2-200x140Vertical development will be balanced with preservation through deed restriction of approximately 245 acres of on-site tidal and freshwater wetlands, approximately 35% of the total site acreage. The deed restriction of these areas will allow the preservation of vital wetlands for beneficial uses such as wildlife habitat, flood attenuation, and water quality enhancement.