Site History

SiteHistory-133x171In the early 1900’s a major oil concern constructed a large scale pumping facility and two large tank farms, consisting of 78 petroleum storage tanks some of which were as large as 125 feet in diameter. These operated until the 1990’s when they were decommissioned. By December of 2000 all of the tanks had been removed.

SiteHistory2-133x171Specified impacted soils were excavated and placed into biocells for soil remediation by biological processes. Approximately 111,000 cubic yards of impacted soils were placed into these cells. The site received a no-further action letter from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation in 2005 that will become effective once a soil cap is placed upon the site. This soil cap is part of the last steps in SIMD’s development plan, and once completed, the development on non-wetland acreage can proceed.

SiteHistory3-200x140In 2004 ownership of the property was conveyed to 380 Development, LLC, a subsidiary of International Speedway Corporation (ISC). ISC acquired the site with the anticipation of constructing and developing a large NASCAR racing complex. After several years of development activities the proposed development plan was rejected by the zoning commission for the Staten Island Borough.  The site was subsequently purchased by Staten Island Marine Development in August of 2013.